Puppet from the Woodstock Women's March
Puppet at the Woodstock Women's March

Woodstock Women’s March

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Woodstock Women’s March Draws Hundreds

Chanting “love, not hate, makes America great,” a throng of protesting marchers wound its way Saturday through the heart of Woodstock a day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as president.

Bearing placards and signs that, among other things, read “Only Love Heals Hate,” “Fight Like A Girl,” and “A Women’s Place Is In the Resistance,” the line of marchers stretched blocks long as it paraded from Andy Lee Field parking lot down Rock City Road to Mill Hill Road.

And while participants did not invoke Trump’s name during the actual procession, billed the “Woodstock Women’s March,” it was clear in interviews the new president was the target of their message.

Barbara Lowry of Woodstock said Trump should take heed. If he doesn’t, Lowry said, “we are not just in bad trouble, we are in deep trouble.”
Leslie Stern, 45, of Woodstock, like many other marchers, said she came out “to show solidarity.”

Organizers say the attendance was probably around 1,000 people who were led in their procession by a Woodstock Police Department patrol car slowly cruising under bright blue skies and amid mild temperatures.

The two-hour event began at 11 a.m. and the procession wound up at Bradley Meadows parking lot where people were entertained with folk songs and protest tunes such as “We Shall Overcome,” an anthem of the African-American Civil Rights movement.

Marchers were expected to wind up at the Woodstock Village Green where a moment of silence was to be held.

Not all of the marchers were women.

Article by Paul Kirby, Daily Freeman, “Woodstock Women’s March Draws Hundreds”

Photos by Jimmy McHugh