Peace Pole
Peace Pole on the Village Green

Village Green Peace Pole

It was a lovely, sunny day for a gathering of peacemakers to join in celebration for the dedication of the Woodstock Peace Pole .The erection of the Peace Pole is the perfect symbol for a town that stands for peace and love.


The people were engaged with upbeat music performed by local musicians, clergy with their messages of forgiveness and a time to embrace love and VIPs with profound messages of peace on earth, war no more, make love not war, peace now and may peace prevail on earth. This is just some of the usual folly that often happens in Woodstock, New York, a town filled with artists, musicians and tolerant people who have learned the meaning of sharing.

Woodstock is a community that has so many benefits to help others. Why not feel blessed to be here? Whether you’ve come for a day, week or summer visit, or you’re a full-time resident, this community has what it takes to make you long for more. While we are surrounded with the chaos of radiation leaks at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant and our close proximity to potential disaster, let us all take solace in our Woodstock peace pole with the message of peace in hundreds of languages. Spread the good pollen around the world.

Video of Ceremony

Article by Shelli Lipton, Director, Woodstock Museum
Feature photo by unknown

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