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People Come to Woodstock to FEEL BETTER

Our goal is to bridge the gap between local residents and visitors by speaking our common language about all the various things that we do to make ourselves feel better. Maybe for you it’s fresh organic local food and yoga, or rock n’ roll and beer.

We love this area and wish to promote our town’s culture, small businesses and local talent, and support the continuation of the arts colony.

We are all tourists on this planet, just passing through on our own personal journeys. Some of our contributors were born and raised here, and are still discovering new exciting things to see and do in the area. When people spend time in Woodstock, they are able to get away from the hustle and grind of the cities, to explore the natural comforts of the woods and the streams, to exist in a town that embraces everyone who comes here with love and openness. Ultimately, we want you to feel better when you visit Woodstock.

This is our philosophy. And it’s getting a lot of attention.

Come to Woodstock Has Three Goals

  1. To get more people to come to Woodstock
  2. To get more people to participate in local activities
  3. To build community morale

A Brief History of Come to Woodstock: Who We Are

In 2007, Lynda Herbeck, resident of Woodstock, had set up a street-side shop in the center of town, and noticed that many people would stop to ask, “What’s going on in Woodstock today?” She imagined a print guide dedicated to providing visitors and residents with information about Woodstock events, and began to publish “Come to Woodstock” on recycled paper in soy-based ink, with the assistance of local businesses and the contribution of residents. CTW developed a wide distribution area with a circulation of 20,000.

While there are many options these days to find information online about visiting Woodstock, CTW provides a fiercely local angle with articles, reviews, original maps, photography and essays written by town resident authors. Reading about an event or historical point of interest in CTW is similar to hearing from a well-informed friend about the various things to see and do while visiting our area.

CTW also provided a platform for interviews with local and visiting musicians and artists. In the past decade, we have published interviews with Pete Seeger, John Sebastian, Paul Kantner, David Bromberg, and independent local artists Lara Hope of Lara Hope and the Arktones, Michael Billera of SpinCycleLava, Amy Helm, blues artist Murali Coryell, and various others who have performed and lived in the Woodstock area. We have also published reviews of art gallery exhibits, receptions, theater performances and concerts by talking directly to the people involved in creating these events.  CTW provides not only the necessary information for visitors and residents to engage in local community, but also publishes personal essays and feature stories about our town and its prevailing arts and music culture.

Many people think of tie-dye T-shirts, glass pipes and the 1969 Woodstock festival in Bethel when they think of Woodstock, NY. Our mission provide more information about the rich history of the arts colony that stretches back to the early 20th century, and to highlight the artistic entrepreneurial traditions that followed and persisted despite the advancement of technology and corporatism that now overwhelm our daily lives. In Woodstock, we walk at a slower pace and take time to exist in the moment.

In 2014, CTW created the first events and entertainment guide app to the Woodstock area, and followed with a website driven by original content written and photographed by our knowledgeable local contributors.

Via social media, CTW continues to answer questions from visitors about a variety of topics. We take the time to share with our subscribers any relevant videos or media that provides more information about our unique small town and its eclectic residents.

CTW also provides both via email blast and social media “5 Reasons to Come to Woodstock” on a regular basis, keeping readers up-to-date on the most recent events. You can sign up to receive 5 Reasons to Come to Woodstock updates directly to your email inbox here [insert hyperlink].

Lynda Herbeck continues to own and operate CTW, reaching out to visitors and residents alike to raise awareness about local events and urge people to continue to be involved in Woodstock’s special offerings, with unique features like handicap accessibility information, fresh press releases, colorful maps of the area and firsthand experiences by others who have visited and connected with this quaint mountain town.

How did she get so many people to contribute original content to CTW? She simply asked, and the supportive members of our community responded with enthusiasm. Most people who live in Woodstock choose to be here for a good reason, and want to extend that invitation to others. Writers, poets, artists, musicians, and fans of the Woodstock philosophy stepped forward to share their stories.

CTW considers itself a friendly ambassador to the town of Woodstock. You are invited to not only explore our site, but reach out to us with any questions you may have about your upcoming visit.

To find out more about the history and development of Come to Woodstock and its publication, read our 5th Anniversary article [insert link].

Peace, Love, and tell a friend, “Come to Woodstock!”


Come to Woodstock
PO Box 962, Woodstock NY 12498
(845) 679-2451

Lynda Herbeck, CEO


Send all submissions to Lynda Herbeck

Come to Woodstock’s marketing area is Phoenicia to Saugerties and Hunter Mtn to Kingston, with Woodstock being the central location. Advertising and other submissions outside this area are discouraged.

Content may be edited as needed to be suitable for publication.

Please send in:

  • Press releases about events in the area
  • Points of interest for visitors and residents to explore in the Woodstock area
  • Photos, essays or reviews of your own adventures here

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Peace, Love and Tell a Friend,
“Come to Woodstock!”

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