2018 Women's March on Woodstock
One day with a BIG turnout of support

2018 Women’s March on Woodstock

The Women’s March in Woodstock, NY, reminds me of the days back in the 1960’s and 70’s, when I was involved in politics of that era. Civil rights, women’s rights and gay rights have always been important to me, especially as a photographer.

I am a photographer for the People and for Peace!

I am a photographer for the People and for Peace! In these images I have captured a moment in time, a day where we still continue to fight for equality, and what is right for all human beings. I hope by taking these political photos, our world will change for the better and for every human being.

We are all equal, regardless of our sex or race.
We need more Peace Love Light in this world!

Photos and Essay by Jimmy McHugh

Check out Lynda Herbeck’s  video of the march

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